Sunday, 21 October 2012

Character Designs -Ghosts

The ghosts were a bit tricky. They had to be roughly human, and also children, but there would be a kinda unwanted creepy/bleak factor which would be there if I went for something too realistic. After all, this is a story where some of the main characters are essentially dead children being ferried to hell. That's pretty dark when you put it like that. I wanted them to be something which registered as children without becoming uncanny or spooky. Primarily I wanted them to be charming and easy to sympathise with, hence the heavy stylisation and the big naive-looking eyes.

Where Charon is tall and skinny, these guys are squishy. They look like they're made of marshmallow. I liked the idea that all three ghosts essentially had the same design, since that way it initially seems like they have no real unique identity - which, obviously, they do have, and comes through very much in the animation.

The girl is the oldest of the ghosts, about 6, or she was in life. She's initially scared of Charon, but on the whole she's carefree and adventurous.

The twins are a bit younger and more timid - they have most of the same mannerisms and react to things together. They're scared of most things on the Styx, especially Charon. 


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