Can I help out on CDIH?

First off, if you're thinking of offering your skills to help out on CDIH we thank you very much.
Please do feel free to send any offers and examples of your work our way via the email address on our contact page or send us a message on twitter. However, there may not be many roles available as we are mostly covered with the current members. If we feel that you could help the project along we will get back to you.

What is CDIH about?

CDIH deals with gritty subjects like life, the afterlife, and how great it is to play in the snow. More details will come as we work on the project.

Will CDIH be a 2D or 3D animated short?

Quite simply, and maybe more accurately, CDIH will be a CG short.

When will CDIH be released/finished?

Our aim is to have CDIH completed and unleashed by Christmas 2013.