Monday, 1 October 2012

Character Design - Charon

Charon was the first design I got down for this, the ferrymen who takes souls across the Styx into the world of the dead. He's a character from Greek mythology, though he's usually represented as an old man or else the classic Grim Reaper style design - though for some reason I've always imagined him with the bird head, something more along the lines of Thoth from Egyptian mythology.

Charon is more or less the antagonist of CDIH, but I wanted him slightly comic all the same - he's a bully, but at the same time a bit pathetic, hence the totally useless wings which are also quite expressive. He takes his job very seriously, enjoys routine and gets very upset if something unexpected happens. After all, the same job day in day out for an eternity, you sort of get used to things being just so...
Basically, he's just a big ol' line of action - he acts with his whole body.


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