Thursday, 1 November 2012

Character Design - Cerberus

Did I mention we have ourselves Cerberus in this as well? We have ourselves Cerberus.

Cerberus is the Styx's resident Hellhound, a three-headed monster of fury, spittle and malice. Well, most of the time. Cerberus may be a demon, but under all that he's still just a dog. His job is guarding the entrance to Hell, but he's also at the beck and call of several denizens of the underworld - all they need do is whistle for him, and he'll appear in a puff of smoke and a smell of sulphur (and a faint tinge of singed dog hair). Once summoned, he's only too glad to snarl, bark a misbehaving soul into obedience.
Mostly, I based Cerberus on muscle-dogs, which all seem to be very front-heavy. He's based mostly on a bulldog and a doberman and I tried to keep his as graphical as possible. The horns are useful for telling the different heads apart; they act in slightly different ways, the middle head being something of a ring-leader while the other two seem more like hench-men. If the middle head could talk and told a bad joke, the other two would definitely find it completely hilarious.

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