Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Cold Day In Hell - Introduction!

Right, time to get this blog up, I think!

Cold Day in Hell is an animated short project being made by a bunch of animators/artists/general creative types in the UK. Most of us are a bit tired of doing work purely for showreels so we wanted to do something a bit more fun. Cold Day in Hell is a story about fun, a story which is at the same time sweet and just a little sad. It'll be about three minutes long and it'll be CG animated by folk who genuinely love animation.

So please! Do follow the blog, we'll be updating with little production logs along the way. Since we're all honest working folk, development on this won't exactly be lightning speed, but we're aiming to get it done around Christmas 2013.
Story sketches and character designs will be up pretty soon.

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